2020 Dodge Charger Angel Price, Concept

2021 Dodge Charger Angel
2021 Dodge Charger Angel

2020 Dodge Charger Angel Price, Concept – 2020 Dodge has created a lot of hype for the launch (planned play on words) of its drag-star challenger SRT Demon, enough to ignite the world of cars for the hellish brute. The brand was able to surround the car with a kind of stigma that is often lacking when it comes to new vehicle versions, pulling it with some panache that only a few could. But recent news has announced that Dodge’s parent company, Fiat Chrysler, had filed a trademark under the name “Angel”.

So what does it mean? The United States Patent and Trademark Office has published this information, claiming that the trademark application was in the category “Vehicles, namely automobiles, their structural parts, trim and insignia”. Will it be the softer and more user-friendly version of Demon?¬† It’s hard to say at this point. The name being the exact opposite of the muscle car recently released by 2020 Dodge Charger Angel, everything is left to speculation.

2020 Dodge Charger Angel Features

The manufacturer has not missed any clues and if we are honest, we do not know how much time the FCA intends to give up. Marchionne mentioned earlier his intention to electrify half of the auto group’s fleet by 2022, which means it could potentially be part of this initiative. Until we hear more about the brand or, God forbid, about any leak, we will be stuck playing the guessing game. Do you have any assumptions? Tell us what you think in the comments below or leave us a message on Facebook, because we are interested in knowing which direction the FCA will take with this intriguing nickname.

2020 Dodge Charger Angel has consistently exceeded expectations in sports car production, as evidenced by the SRT Challenger Demon. The latter surprised the world because no one thought that Dodge would release a car more crazy than the Challenger Hellcat. With this in mind, we expect the performance-driven company to continue to grow by launching a second demon via the Charger. At first we thought it was a fun idea, but now it seems more likely to come true.

2020 Dodge Charger Angel Mpg
2020 Dodge Charger Angel Mpg

2020 Dodge Charger Angel Engine

The first sign came through a Dodge patent called Angel. Until today, an industry insider said the Charger was about to get a 900 horsepower configuration. If the puzzle pieces have to fit snugly, it is possible that the more powerful loader will appear in the future with the Angel name engraved on his body. That would make sense since the Charger can be described as the most angelic variant of the Challenger thanks to its 4 doors. If that happens, we really hope that the Charger Angel will be the last of Dodge’s Bible names. If you think the Dodge performance spree can not go beyond the Demon Challenge, check it out again because we’ll probably see the Charger Angel release. It all started last year when official reports confirmed that Dodge had patented the name Angel, which conjures up a twin vehicle for the demon. But when the Demon Challenger arrived, there was no view of the Angel.

However, just after the last Demon was auctioned, rumors grew on the Internet with the claim that there would be a 900-horsepower muscle car making its debut at the Car Show. Los Angeles in November. Some reports went so far as to claim that the vehicle was a 2020 Dodge Charger. The word is that the Charger Angel will be the 4-door version of the Challenger Demon and will have 30 additional horses to compensate for the extra weight. The Charger Angel will go on sale in 2019. There is no clarity as to the accuracy of the claim and the only way to find out is to consult the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

2020 Dodge Charger Angel Price

Dodge will receive new 2020 Charger orders by the end of June, and they will be sent to dealers in Q3 2019. MSRP bases Prices start around $ 29,000 while Angel prices are expected to rise slightly from the current entry point of $ 67,995.

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