2020 Dodge Hellephant Engine Price, Specs

2020 Hellephant Release Date
2020 Hellephant Release Date

2020 Dodge Hellephant Engine Price, Specs – The 2020 Dodge Hellephant is also equipped with a modular iron camshaft with a high lifting profile. The intake valve is measured at 54.3 mm, while the exhaust valve is 42 mm. The redline is set at 6,200 rpm. Of course, premium fuel is needed for operation, which is actually quite impressive if you think about it. We think 1,000 horsepower without racing fuel is worth celebrating, how about you? Dodge continued to use crazy energy with Hellcat, launching a new 1,000hp crate engine dubbed 426 Hellephant on this week’s SEMA event in Las Vegas.

The prefix ‘Hell’ will make sense to most people, but for those who are not familiar with the knowledge of muscle cars to understand other members of the moniker who are curious need a quick history lesson. In this particular application, Hellephant mates with a manual six-speed T-6060 transmission, which is pulled from the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The Super Charger Concept is also equipped with a large scoop hood inspired by Challenger SRT Demon to help put more air into the intake.

2020 Dodge Hellephant Engine Features

In the mid-1960s, Chrysler launched the 426 Hemi. With a capacity of 7.0 liters and an output of 440hp, it was a large engine, but it was also substantial in a more traditional sense. His enormous proportions saw him with the nickname of “elephant engine” and his properties quickly turned him into a success. The spaced-apart space of the unit’s 122mm cylinders allowed it to get bored at even greater displacements; An incredibly attractive feature to drag the runners. Let’s move on to 2018 and Chrysler is once again enjoying the focus on the hearts and minds of the tankers. We’ve had the Hellcat, Demon, Redeye and Trackhawk, not to mention the only HellScat. But what happens if you want a portion of that mind-boggling modern muscle on your own hot rod of restoring?

2020 Dodge Hellephant Engine
2020 Dodge Hellephant Engine

That’s where the 426 Hellephant comes, stamping, on. A supercharged Hemi block, entirely made of aluminum, with a 4.0 inch stroke and a 4,125 inch diameter increase, the unit produces a whopping 1,000 hp and 950 lb ft of torque, and marks the first time a box motor OEM with a four-digit output power has been made available directly from consumers. With FCA offering the Hellephant as a “plug-and-play” power train solution, in addition to all the information sheets, installation tips and necessary adapter kits that are expected from a product of this type, the question is: What can you plug it in? inside? But that is not all. Dodge has decided to kill three birds with a thousand horsepower stone, build a unique 1968 Charger to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that car, demonstrate the potential of being able to equip their own project with the Hellephant and steal the show at SEMA. Right away.

2020 Dodge Hellephant Engine Specs

Regardless, no output for Hellcrate can be illuminated, topping up on 707 horsepower matching SRT Hellcat and 650 pound-foot torque. Still, it’s 293 horses 300 pounds-feet less than what you get with Hellephant. Part of that is for size, with the displacement for Hellcrate rated at 376 cubic inches, or 6.2 liters, with 103.9 mm (4.09 inches) for holes and 90.9 mm (3.58 inches) for blows. The ‘Super Charger’ utilizes a six-speed manual transmission from the Challenger Hellcat, as well as Hellcat brakes and wheels (standard 20 x 11-inch rims in front and custom 21 x 12-inch Hellcat items specifically in the rear items).

The entire car has been lowered by 3.5 inches on the front 2.5 inches on the rear and the wheelbase has been extended by moving the front wheel forward two inches, making room for the wide-body arch. The hat received a spoon inspired by the devil, the Hellcat headlights peaked from behind the grille, and the exhaust came out through the tail lights. Everything is put together with some further aesthetic adjustments and Gray Metallic “De Grigio” paint coating.

2020 Dodge Hellephant Engine Price

There is only one more thing to consider – costs. The FCA hasn’t divulged the exact run to get your own Hellephant, but considering the Hellcrate is around $ 20,000, you can expect these four-figure monsters to be more expensive. So keeping that in mind, any engine that is endowed with Hellephant must be truly upscale.

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