2022 Dodge Ram Rebel Price, Specs, Release Date

2022 Dodge Ram Rebel TRX

2022 Dodge Ram Rebel Price, Specs, Release Date – The design will probably be reminiscent of what TRX Concept was proposing in 2016. It will feature a massive grille that allows the engine to have better cooling. It has large roll bars, while the LED reflector is provided on the roof. The wheels will be larger than those of the classic Ram, followed by a higher suspension. We can not be sure of Ram’s plans for the interior, but sport seats and a similar steering wheel are essential.

The technical solutions remain a secret for the moment, because the car still has a lot of time to go before its release. In fact, it’s not what it looked like, but rather the sound it produced. Those present did not doubt it. There was a compressor under this hood. A compressor located above the Hellcat V-8. That’s why we think that RAM is testing its new RAM Rebel TRX. They always hide it under the body of Big Horn.

2022 Dodge Ram Rebel Specs

The decision to create a 2022 Ram Rebel performance became possible when Ram introduced a new platform for his Ram 1500 truck at an affordable price. Now they are able to increase the number of trims they offer, and that’s where 2022 Ram Rebel TRX fits. They are eager to get their share of this market and rebel to the pedigree to succeed. A few months ago, RAM confirmed that the production projects of its rival, the Ford F-150 Raptor, were well advanced. But so far, they have not revealed anything about the foundations and power of the circulating mill.

The unit that powered the Rebel TRX Concept had 575 horsepower, which we believe will be improved by 2020 by Ram Rebel TRX. But that’s not necessarily the case. It is quite possible that the production model contains less of it. We hope this is not the case. Our destiny lies in the fact that Jeep has decided to put 707 horses in its Trackhawk SUV. They can do the same thing with one of their trucks. According to rumors close to the headquarters of RAM, the new TRX Rebel will get what it deserves, which means no less than 700 hp.

2022 Dodge Ram Rebel Release Date

So, as we mentioned, the release date is not exactly close. The FCA and RAM bosses outlined their plans, but this is a five-year plan. A vehicle of these proportions will not be released until 2021. That’s what we estimate. If they want to move the F-150 Raptor, they have to go strong. So, expect this monster truck in 2021 in 2022 MY.

2022 Dodge Ram Rebel Price

We can not tell you the price so soon, but one thing is certain. They will have to be cheaper than the F-150 Raptor. It will not be easy considering the huge engine they store under their hood. In addition, the design of this truck should also be worth the huge price. For example, the standard Ram 1500 starts at $ 28,000. The most expensive version, a Limited 4WD model, can exceed $ 60,000. Not cheap at all. The famous F-150 Raptor starts at $ 51,080, so this is the brand where 2022 Ram Rebel TRX must position itself. But it will not be easy. Expectations are great. Expect it!

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