2022 Dodge Ram Rebel Price, Specs, Release Date

2022 Dodge Ram Rebel TRX

2022 Dodge Ram Rebel Price, Specs, Release Date - The design will probably be reminiscent of what TRX Concept was proposing in 2016. It will feature a massive grille that allows the engine to have better cooling. It has large roll bars, while the LED reflector is provided on the roof. The wheels will be larger than those of the classic Ram, followed by a higher suspension. We can not be sure o...

Dodge Challenger Angel Price, Specs

Dodge Challenger Angel Concept

Dodge Challenger Angel Price, Specs - It appears that Fiat Chrysler filed a trademark application bearing the name Challenger Angel last month because, as they explained to the United States Trademark and Trademark Office, "motor vehicles, namely passenger cars, their structural parts, their trim and their insignia. While the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is prepared to hit tracks of drag racing ...

Dodge Dart SRT Price

Dodge Dart SRT Specs

Dodge Dart SRT Price - New Dodge Dart is available in five versions: SE, SXT, Aero, GT and Limited. Most buyers should avoid the basic trim level of the Dodge Dart SE, which has minimal equipment and is not even equipped with air conditioning. Adopt the Dodge Dart SXT, which adds air conditioning, power locks, cruise control, a USB port, Bluetooth, an enhanced audio system and a folding rear s...