Dodge Challenger Angel Price, Specs

Dodge Challenger Angel Concept
Dodge Challenger Angel Concept

Dodge Challenger Angel Price, Specs – It appears that Fiat Chrysler filed a trademark application bearing the name Challenger Angel last month because, as they explained to the United States Trademark and Trademark Office, “motor vehicles, namely passenger cars, their structural parts, their trim and their insignia. While the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is prepared to hit tracks of drag racing in the hands of its owner, it leaves us wondering where this anti-demon will fall.

So far, there is no idea what Angel could be, but FCA US has reserved the brand for motor vehicles, as well as trim and related parts. It could be a hybrid version of the Charger or Challenger, a new model (for example a Chrysler crossover with hybrid plug-in option), a special edition without major modifications or just a concept car . The easy answer is that Angel will be the name of a special display vehicle for the auto show – or that the company has filed the mark for no one else to do it. It could also be the name of a Demon-esque Charger or a two-door racing driver with a Chrysler.

Angel’s nickname could even break away from the quarter-mile downs and become a four-cylinder hybrid variant of the Challenger. Or the name could move away completely from sedans and find a home with the latest Chrysler minivan – the Pacifica. We hope the Angel is an even wilder variant of Challenger, but we want to know where Chrysler is going with this new name. A high-mileage Challenger, driven perhaps by a hybrid or hurricane four-cylinder turbo, would be a smart contrast to the 840 horsepower Demon.

Not all brands are actually used; many are abandoned and found only in the US patent and trademark system – the fate of at least one former Dodge Demon depot. A trademark that is not used quickly enough in the trade is automatically “eliminated” by the Patent and Trademark Office. That’s why Dusters brands are now sold by Renault and not by Chrysler.

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